Simon Bradbury

Simon Bradbury dip CBH dip SMRB – Cognitive Behavioural
Hypnotherapy and Stress Management

I first trained in hypnotherapy 25 years ago, where I worked in a clinical setting, seeing multiple clients on a regular basis. Whilst doing this I felt the need to address certain things in my own life that had been niggling away in the background.I’ve always been curious about what makes us who we are, and this is reflected in my interests, pastimes and in my working life. I love to get the most out of life and I’m very driven by living life to the full and experiencing new things.

I love spending time with my family and young people, especially when it’s doing active activities in the great outdoors. I love walking up & down mountains, being around and in the water, I love connecting with the real world. Whilst I had a brilliant family and network of friends around me I began to feel pretty stuck and demoralised in my dayjob, I had all the symptoms you could think of in terms of stress and anxiety and hopelessness but knew there was something much better for me out there.I took time to reassess what life was about. I started a practice of Yoga and began to unwind years of exhausted body musculature.I took the opportunity to slow down and I pick up my passion for Hypnotherapy with emphasis of providing growth.

Using proven methods and processesIpulled together an offering which provides my clients with a very powerful way of looking at life and tackles challenges. It provides an approach which buildson good feelings, where action and control can be taken, instead of feeling overwhelmed by the enormity of life. I’m passionate abouthelping others overcome difficulties and taking control. I truly believe in the structure and format of this kind of therapy. I know first-hand the fast and long-term benefits it offers. I have come to realise the importance of a regular practice of the basic foundations of wellbeing, when you get this right anything is possible. I’m a registered practitioner on the General Hypnotherapy Register and I’m also accredited by the General Hypnotherapy Standards council. Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy is effective from gaining relief from a broad range of issues including anxiety, stress, habit reversal, behaviour change, increasing confidence and assertiveness to name a few.

To find out more please call me and leave a message on 07748423091 or email me on

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Wayne KellyWayne Kelly
16:58 15 May 22
I have been going to Plympton Chiropractic for the last 7 years and the care that I have received has been absolutely outstanding. I used another well known practice before this one and they just don't compare. The team make you feel like family and the chiropractic treatment is amazing. I can't recommend them highly enough.
Mark HadfieldMark Hadfield
18:30 05 May 22
I couldn’t move having done a week of outdoor heavy DIY, I’m mainly a desk jockey. I knew something wasn’t right, it wasn’t anything a few paracetamol or Ibubrofen would sort and the Pain was so intense it was bringing me to my knees, in steps George, one visit and I’m bouncing around like a gazelle again( slightly overweight gazelle) but you get my drift. A 2nd visit a week later and all good, the last aching muscles eroded by a back massage and I’ve been good since. George is a legend, highly recommend by me.
Rod NewmanRod Newman
10:10 22 Apr 22
Absolutely amazing experience at this extremely well organised clinic. Having had residual problems since dislocating my shoulder in 2019 they started to affect my day to day life not least of which with continual pain in my shoulder and down my arm. Saw my GP who recommended physio treatment. Gave up waiting for a Physio appointment and called Plympton Chiropractic Clinic and saw George Gibson within a week who not only diagnosed the problem but treated it effectively and consistently. Result I longer have pain and am able to pursue my daily life in comfort. I cannot recommend this clinic highly enough and it is well worth the money to get sorted. Yes I am still waiting to hear back from the Physio’s after almost three months !
Louise ScrimshawLouise Scrimshaw
21:21 11 Feb 22
I was most impressed with George's professional manner and knowledge. I have had bad neck pain since getting covid 18 months ago. Not only has George helped treat me he has also given me lots of exercises to help improve my condition.
Pamela JaggerPamela Jagger
20:52 20 Oct 21
Very pleasant staff no waiting and seen on time.

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