About Coaching 

Sir John Whitmore, one of the founder’s of the GROW model defines coaching as: “Unlocking a person’s potential to maximise their own performance”

Put simply, coaching is about.. “Holding up a mirror to raise awareness and to guide someone to come up with their own solutions.”

Understanding what is happening in our mind, and controlling our thoughts, is the most critical factor when determining how to enable change in ourselves. With the right level of understanding and awareness, we can start to reframe our own thoughts, feelings and beliefs and take control of our experiences. Coaching is all about raising the awareness, ‘holding the mirror up’ to words, actions, thoughts and beliefs. Transformational change happens when we challenge those deep rooted thoughts, feelings and beliefs and reframe them in such a way that enables positive change to happen.

About our Coach

Will Batho is a compassionate listener and authentic coach. Will started his working life as an outdoor education coach, coaching in kayaking, climbing and hill walking before taking the opportunity to join the Royal Navy to pursue a career as a Helicopter Pilot. Will piloted commando sea king helicopters for 9 years with the RN, operating in Desert, Arctic and Maritime environments. Flying in operations in support of the SAS and SBS and later qualifying as an instructor. Here Will experienced his own significant personal challenges with a period of ill health and the subsequent loss of his flying career. Leaving the service to continue his passion for learning and adventure, Will qualified as a teacher, gaining experience lecturing in Higher and Further Education, quickly progressing to curriculum leadership. Will has continued his personal learning by training and qualifying as a Coach with the Institute of Leadership and Management and ABNLP. Through all his experiences with developing people, in a huge variety of environments, Will believes the coaching philosophy to be undoubtedly the most transformational approach.


  • Coaching Discovery Session

  • £060 mins
  • This session is 60 minutes long and gives you an opportunity to explore what’s going on for you, what barriers are in your way to recovery, and to decide if coaching support is right for you. From there we formulate a plan to get you to where you want to be, most likely incorporating the 4 session package.  This session is free and you are under no obligation to book following the sessions.
  • 4 session coaching package

  • £360240 mins
  • A block of 4 coaching sessions totalling 240 minutes, normally with a coaching session once a fortnight over a 2 month period.
Booking an Appointment


Please call or email the clinic for more information and to book an appointment: