Originally established by well regarded chiropractor Liz Hobson in 2007 as The Ridgeway Clinic, we have been offering a caring, professional service to the communities of Plymouth, Plympton, Plymstock, Ivybridge and surrounding areas for many years.

Jenny Morris joined in 2011 as an Associate Chiropractor, then purchased the practice in 2012, changing the name to ‘Plympton Chiropractic’. In 2014 Jenny set up the new clinic in Lister Mill Business Park.

We are a professional, friendly practice set in a clean, modern clinic with ground floor treatment rooms.

In addition to Chiropractic Services, we also offer Sports Injury Assessment, Treatment and Rehabilitation, Sports Massage, Hypnotherapy, Counselling, and a range of Holistic Therapies. Additionally, on one or two days a week, Peninsula Ultrasound holds an ultrasound clinic at the practice, where NHS patients can attend for scans following referral from their GP.


I studied for four years to obtain a Masters Degree in Chiropractic at the Anglo European College of Chiropractic, graduating with merit in 2009. I started my career working as an associate in a practice in Southampton before moving to Plymouth. 

I am currently not treating patients myself but as the owner of the practice, am still dedicated to ensuring that the Chiropractors at Plympton Chiropractic provide excellent service. We pride ourselves on tailoring treatments to our patients’ individual needs and preferences, allowing them to get back to fitness as quickly as possible. We believe that treatment is not just about helping people overcome their pain; it’s about helping them to better understand their body and their health, therefore aiding them to get well and stay well.



I graduated from the Anglo European College of Chiropractic in 2006 where I achieved a distinction in my master’s degree and was awarded the Flavio Grillo Prize for best clinical proficiency performance. I followed this with a postgraduate certificate in chiropractic practice and a qualification in dry needling.

As a young adult I competed in Judo for Kent and was in the National Squad. It was during this time that I first encountered chiropractic after suffering an injury to my back. This sparked my interest and started me on the path to help others benefit from all aspects of chiropractic care.

Prior to moving to Devon, I spent the last 9 years working in a multi-disciplinary practice in Somerset. During this time I also had the opportunity to work closely with an experienced orthodontist, helping to manage patients suffering from persistent musculoskeletal problems related to chronic jaw clenching, bruxism and poor occlusion.

I have a keen interest in rehabilitation and my most recent ongoing continued professional development has been focussed on this. I believe that the best results come from assessing the individual, understanding the demands of their job/sport/life and then devising a plan to best prepare them for those demands.

Outside the office, I spend most of my time with my young family. I enjoy an active lifestyle and can be found running, climbing, paddle boarding or doing a workout of some description!



My passion for chiropractic first came about after receiving treatment myself for long standing headaches. I was amazed by the lifechanging results and wanted to be able to help others benefit from what was relatively unknown to me at the time….’Chiropractic’.

I thoroughly enjoy the variety of patients I encounter in practice and love to apply my ongoing knowledge acquired to help patients feel a better version of themselves. As part of my treatments I often also use dry needling, also known as medical acupuncture.

At university I had the privilege of being involved in an interdisciplinary breastfeeding clinic. This involved a team of both chiropractors and midwives supporting mothers and babies struggling with breastfeeding due to both musculoskeletal and positional problems. The benefits to both Mum and baby from the lactation advice and treatment made this a hugely rewarding experience.

I am a firm believer that every person is different, and treatment should be tailored to each individual taking into account their lifestyle, job demands and sporting activities. As such, as part of a complete treatment plan, rehabilitation is often given to patients.

When I am not treating patients, I am normally found on the beach with my dog or enjoying time with my family.


In addition to our qualified and friendly health professionals, we also have three helpful and friendly practice assistants to take your calls and assist you with any queries.

Practice Manager


I joined Plympton Chiropractic in 2016. I love my job and the team I get to work with. It’s such a relaxed and friendly environment, and I enjoy getting to know all the patients. I really admire Jenny’s work ethics and I am a keen advocate of all the treatments the clinic offers.

Practice Assistant


I first visited as a patient over seven years ago. Having chiropractic treatment made me pain free for the first time in a long while after a trampolining accident when I was a teenager.  I have always been extremely appreciative of the care and support the staff offered as a patient. After having my young son and looking for part time work, I was delighted to have the chance to come and work at the clinic that has helped and continues to help me so much.

Practice Assistant


I started working here in 2018 after being on maternity leave. The staff are so friendly and welcoming, it makes it a pleasure to come to work! I have recently started having treatment myself, which has had a positive impact for myself and my daughter as I can now play with her without being in pain.

Practice Assistant


I joined the practice in 2015 but now just work on an occasional basis. I am an advocate of chiropractic, having had treatment on and off for years and finding it very helpful. I also originally attended Plympton Chiropractic as one of Jenny’s patients but now additionally enjoy working with her and the rest of the team.